Every Thing You Should Know About Mattress Topper

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Mattress topper is a bedding item that puts a layer on the mattress for multiple functions, such as supporting and extending the longevity of mattress. You can benefit a lot from using the best mattress toppers.

About mattress topper

About mattress topper

Mattress topper comes in different types, sizes and thickness. The types of mattress topper is based on its material used to manufacture it, varying from natural materials such as wool, feather down, etc. to synthetic materials such as memory foam, latex, fiber bed, etc. The advantages of mattress topper are really outstanding and significant. Especially, a high-quality mattress topper can bring enormous changes for your bed and also your sleep. However, if you choose the toppers that go against your need, it can cause some disadvantages and affect your sleep.

Distinguish the mattress topper and mattress pad

Sometimes, mattress topper and mattress pad can be used as the same term, which indicates the top layer of mattress. However, actually, mattress topper has a lot of specific differences from mattress pad.

mattress topper and mattress pad

mattress topper and mattress pad

Mattress pad is just a simple layer placed on top of mattress to cover the mattress and protect it from dirt, dust and wetness. Mattress topper, in the other hand, can provide the support to mattress in softening and comforting. It also can be used to lengthen the aging of mattress and to protect it from any external damages. In general, mattress topper has a lot more benefits than mattress pad.

About materials, mattress topper come in diverse materials, including memory foam, latex, wool, featherbed, fiber bed, egg crate, etc. with different features and strengths. Meanwhile, with limited functions, mattress pad is just made of hypoallergenic cotton.

About thickness, mattress topper varies in various levels of thickness and sometime density (for memory foam and latex topper). Its thickness ranges from medium to high levels. But mattress pad just come in low and medium thickness levels. Its thinness is to encase the mattress for the protection function.

For those reasons, no surprise that the price of mattress topper is much higher than mattress pad. The price range of mattress topper is between $70 and $800, meanwhile, mattress pad’s prices range from $20 to $120.

Benefits of using a mattress topper

Enhancing the softness and comfort for the mattress

This is the biggest benefit when using a mattress topper that mattress pad cannot have it. Mattress topper with high thickness and functional materials can soften your mattress and make it more comfortable and fluffy. Especially, if you owe a firm and old mattress and it cause you uncomfortable feeling and some body pains, but you cannot afford a new mattress, you can get a mattress topper and it will solve all the problems happing with your mattress. Moreover, if your new mattress is not fit with your personal demands or preferences, you can put an appropriate mattress topper on and it will satisfy you.

Extending the durability of the mattress

While the mattress pads just protect the mattress and help it against the penetration of dust mites and mildew as well as work as a waterproof, mattress topper with the higher thickness can allow the mattress be in good and new status for very long time. There are top 3 factors that cause damages to the mattress the most, including body’s moistures (sweat, breathing, etc.); dead skin and bacteria; undue settlement and indentations. These three factors cannot be resisted by the thin layer of mattress pad. In contrast, mattress topper is able to absorb all the moistures and don’t let it go through the mattress. Also, the thick layer of mattress topper can be used as the top layer to take any sagging in order to prevent the indentations of the mattress. Moreover, the mattress topper can be easy to wash up to give off all the kinds of dirt.

If you realize how expensive a mattress cost and how hard to clean it, you will understand the importance of a mattress topper.

Some additional benefits

best mattress topperA good mattress topper can add the comfort for sleeper and conform to the body shape and curves to reduce the pressure points. As a result, sleepers can lessen the muscle pains, especially back pain.

Some mattress toppers such as memory foam or latex can isolate the movement of each individual. So if you sleep on a bed with another people, you don’t have to be effected by all the tosses and turns from your partner and be able to have a sound sleep all night long.

Some disadvantages of mattress topper

Here are not exact the disadvantages of mattress topper in general. These are just so-call “disadvantage” when you choose the wrong topper for your need.

  • Some low quality mattress toppers can be sagging and uneven after a time of using, causing more uncomfortable feeling for sleepers.
  • Some mattress toppers are too soft which make sleepers “sink” too deeply in the bed and can cause some pains after waking up.
  • Some mattress toppers are not fit with the size of the mattress. For example, purchasing a queen size mattress topper doesn’t mean it will fit your queen size bed.
  • Some synthetic mattress toppers, especially memory foam topper may have chemical odors after unpacking.

Note: if you have problem with your back, finding the best mattress topper for back pain can also help you a lot.


Mattress topper is really necessary in supporting a restful sleep. With all of the benefits you can get from a mattress topper, don’t hum and haw but purchase a suitable one for you right now. Just remember to consider all the features of a mattress topper and compare them to your personal purposes.

How to Use a Pressure Cooker to Tenderize Tough Meat

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One of the ways I save on groceries at my house is to buy cheap cuts of meat out of the discount bins at the grocery store. These tough roasts and steaks are often priced at less than 99 cents a pound, and are a great source of cheap protein. Of course, tough meat isn’t a bargain it it can’t be eaten; this is where Grandma’s old pressure cooker can help.

If you have not have a pressure cooker yet, you can read this website thebestpressurecookers.com to find the best pressure cooker for your own pressure cooking need.

Pressure cookers are sealed cooking containers that shorten cooking time while preserving the nutritional content of the food inside. They are also fantastic ways of tenderizing those cheap, tough cuts of meat. If you can lay your hands on Grandma’s old pressure cooker, here’s how to put it to good use and save money.

Tender shredded pork or beef for tacos, barbecued beef burgers, or lasagna

Instead of buying expensive extra lean hamburger or ground pork, pick up a cheap chuck or pork roast or even those “day old sirloin steaks” in the discounted meat bin. These low fat cuts of meat can be tenderized in the pressure cooker in under 20 minutes.

1 pound of roast or steak; partially frozen
1 tablespoon oil
1/2 onion, chopped
1/4 cup of water

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

1. Trim fat, slice the roast or steak into thin 1/4 wide strips,
2. Heat up oil in the pressure cooker (lid off). Add meat slices and onions, stir until lightly browned, about 2-3 minutes.
3. Add water and seasonings to meat.
4. Cover with lid, locking it into place. Place indicator weight on the vent pipe, set to 15 and turn burner to high.
4. When the weight starts to release steam, turn down temperature until indicator “rocks” only 2-3 times a minute (or, in the case of a Presto cooker, maintains 15 PSI). Set the timer to 10 minutes.
5. After 10 minutes, remove pressure cooker from burner and let cool down on its own, about 5 minutes.
6. Remove lid.

Seasoning ideas:
For Tex Mex meat filling, a package of chili mix, taco mix, or burrito mix can be added with the water.
Add a teaspoon of oregano, pinch of salt, and half teaspoon of basil with the water for Italian based meat dishes.
Prefer barbecued beef or pork sandwiches instead? Adding 3/4 cup of your favorite barbecue sauce along with the water makes enough meat filling for six delicious sandwiches.

Mock steak or pork chops and potatoes

Steak and pork chops haven’t been in our budget for years. Fortunately for us old-timey creative cooks, there is a way to make up mock steaks and chops out of tough, cheap roasts. For this shortcut method, you’ll need Grandma’s old pressure cooker, a cheap roast (partially frozen), one pound of pared, halved potatoes, and four pared carrots.pork chops and potatoes

1. Slice the partially frozen roast into one-inch thick slabs. (Four is all that will fit in a standard 4 quart pressure cooker; you can freeze the rest for future meals)
2. Heat up a smidgeon of oil in the pressure cooker. Lightly brown the slabs on both sides.
3. Add 1/2 cup of water to the meat. Top with potato halves and carrots.
4. Adjust lid and lock, place indicator weight on vent pipe and set to 15.
5. Turn heat to high. When the steam begins to whistle beneath the indicator weight of the pressure cooker, turn heat down until weight “rocks” only 2-3 times per minute.
6. Cook for 12 minutes, remove from heat and then cool immediately by running cold water over the lid. Once the pressure has cooled, the lid can be removed and then dinner will be ready to serve.

Note: I use Fagor duo 8-quart pressure cooker to cook this meal and it really great.

You should have a pressure cooker, it’s really useful and great. Remember to read carefully to choose your best pressure cooker. Have fun with pressure cooking!

For more information about how to use Grandma’s old pressure cooker for budget meal planning, keep reading our website.

Basic Guide on Using Air fryer

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You are now at the very first glance to identify how an air fryer, a prominent kitchen appliance in frying, can work in your home kitchen. Implied by name, an air fryer is dedicated to any kinds of fried food; however, it actually can do a lot more fitting all kinds of food cooking types.

An air fryer has proved to be effective in many ways in food frying, baking, grilling and roasting. This kitchenware is pretty easy to use with convenient and handy components. A fried food cooked through an air fryer is expected to be crunchy coat, tender and delicious core, hence, completely delicious and tasty meal is the desired to be true result of cooking with an air fryer.

More impressively, the feature which has received pretty much of complements from customers is the capacity to fry food with little amount of oil, even without oil. Almost all housewives are fond of this healthy and low fat frying. According to air fryer reviews from ranges of frequent online customers, this feature has made the air fryer a great break-through in balancing and maintaining healthy and less cholesterol family meal, especially for the safe and sound consumption of some favorite deep oil fried food such as fried chic, French fried, fried sausage and onion rings.tips on using air fryer


Ease at use

An ordinary air fryer will be made of some portable parts and pieces; therefore, the ease to use includes the ease to assemble or collect pieces. A basket, one of major part, which is designed to hold raw ingredients, can be easily and quickly installed into the air fryer by hand with careful fitting before frying. An air fryer has its own automatic cooking mode with equivalent timing for each. Accordingly, both professional and amateur will find it simple to operate and adjust different cooking mode. There will be some sound like a ring or a buzzer as alerting of availability of cooked food.

An air fryer can be regarded as multifunctional cooking appliance as it is going to share the functions of roasting, baking and grilling coupled with frying in one device. Therefore, you can see some extra parts or components provided for proper use of cooking types such as oil tank, grilling layer or tray, some types of baskets and so on in the purchase deal. Thus, you can switch to another cooking mode by simply taking out the inappropriate and inserting the appropriate cooking components for a certain mode.

How to use an air fryer?

Food to be and not to be air fried

air fryer

air fryer

Normally, an air fryer is manufactured for the best cooking of some specific food which is suitable for frying, grilling, roasting and baking, particularly meat, vegetables, fish and bread. A crunchy coat without oil is the outstanding complete piece of food cooked with an air fryer; hence, air fryer is a right choice if it is what you want to. Not only for fresh and raw ingredients, frozen or instant food can be cooked with air fryer under appropriate mode. Evidently, it will take longer to be cooked.

Some ingredients which should not be cooked with an air fryer are some vegetables which are assigned for steaming such as green beans. A baking mode of the air fryer will not be advised for some types of rather flabby cake powder.

To date, the most popular ingredient cooked by the air fryer is potato for making a great crispy French fried, roasted or grilled potato pieces and potato roasted cake.

Asserted categories of cooking modes

  • Grilling: An air fryer allows grilling without frequent ingredient being turned over for mass heat. Air will circulates equally insider the fryer making all sides of the food be well cooked. Additional component for a grilling mode is a grilling layer or grilling pan.
  • Baking: An air fryer makes the baking of brownies, cookies and bread succeed in a short duration of time, not up to 30 minutes. Additional component for a baking mode is baking pan.
  • Roasting: An air fryer produces faster and crunchier roasted food than deep or pan fryers. There is a roasting tray attached with this cooking mode.
  • Frying: Apparently, an air fryer serves fried food, on the whole with minimal amount of remaining oil, equally to only 20% of oil left in the done food.

In addition, it is likely that several types of ingredients could be simultaneously cooked with an air fryer. On this term, a separator should be used to differentiate cooking area internally. Yet, it is noted that there is the need for same temperature heat for all ingredients to be cooked in this circumstance.

To sum up, use of the air fryer takes some basic and special cooking cautions, however, it is relatively uncomplicated to obey and follow for all means of cooking methods done by any home or professional cook.